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Amateur Football and the St. Louis-Tom Lombardo Chapter needs your help!    
Join with us in our mission of promoting and preserving the game football 

We invite you to join the family of the St. Louis-Tom Lombardo Chapter of The National Football Foundation. As a member you will join with others like yourself in this area in helping to ensuring the future of amateur football at the local, state, and national levels.

Football trains boys in courage and sportsmanship. It builds physical and moral fiber in an age of luxury and softness. Looked at from a broad perspective it is a national force unique to America; teaching qualities of heart and spirit which complete the educational process of the whole man. The spirit of competitive sports however, should be in the scheme of education. We want to keep football a game, not a business. If this goal is to be achieved the rules of the game in America need a broad basis of public support. Building public support is the job of our chapter together with 125 other chapters of the National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame across America.

Thank you for your considering support. With your help we can continue pursuing our goals. Now, more than ever, amateur football needs your support and so does our chapter. 



Click on the form below, save to your computer, print it, fill it out and mail. You can also sign up online by clicking HERE. Once you are at the sign up page, make sure that when you get to line #6, "Select a Chapter" go to the state of MO and choose, "Tom Lombardo/St. Louis".

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